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moga brata ranila granata/žao mi je što i mene nije

29 sep


Chugger: The Spirit of Shantyboats

26 sep


Budget Boating:Houseboats/Shantyboats/Minimalist Cruising

As you all know, I love the off-beat and unusual, therefore I really love the Chugger, a Steve Lewis minimalist cruiser. Twelve feet long with a four foot beam, Steve has gotten a lot out of a little.

image005Duckworks, has several articles about this cool little boat with lots of great photos. Of course you can go directly to Steve’s own site, and see all the boats he’s designed.

Inspired by Steve’s design, Manie Botha from Pretoria South Africa modified the design and came up with this:


You can find Manie’s story at:

But my all time favorite of this boat I found on the Duckworks story of the Lake Pepin Messabout and presented by John Goeser whose „Think Pink“ shows an unpretentious man with a great sense of humor.


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O političkoj nepismenosti

24 sep

“Dodik je klasični bahati balkanski kriminalac u kravati…

24 sep

mladenci su se dogovorili da im zajedničko prezime bude AlZajeb

19 sep

Gluplji od dinosaurusa

16 sep

Bogdan Bogdanović o Beogradu: Monoetnički grad od dva miliona stanovnika je monstrum

15 sep

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